Goju-Ryu Syllabus

After 9th Kyu each grade will be expected to be able to perform the current grading requirements and that of all previous grades.

9th Kyu – Red Belt

Ten stances  ( For pictures of the stances please go back to the last page )
Punches, upper middle lower
Uke – Blocks, upper middle lower
Mai Geri – Front kick
Moving front kick with turn
Moving in sanchin

8th Kyu – Yellow Belt

Kata – Sanchin   To see a video of Sensei doing Sanchin Kata click here
Backward break fall

7th Kyu – Orange Belt

Kata – Gekisai dai ichi
Three techniques from grading kata     To see a video of technique 1 click hereclick here 3 click here
San dan gi (three step sparring)
Yoko Geri – Side kick

Moving Kake Uke

6th Kyu – Green Belt

Kata – Gekisai dai ni
Three techniques from grading kata    To see a video of technique 1 click hereclick here 3 click here

Tai sabaki – Body shift
Mawashi Geri – Roundhouse Kick
Motobu 1 & 2
Juji Kumite

5th Kyu – Blue Belt

Self defence techniques from standing and ground.

1: Escape from front strangle x 2
2.: Escape from rear hold x 2
3: Escape from side head chancery x 2
4: Recumbent ankle throw followed by guard recovery and scissor sweep.
Side break fall
Motobu 3 & 4

Moving stances.

4th Kyu – Purple Belt

Kata – Saifa kata
Techniques from grading kata
Bunkai kumite from Gekisai dai ichi
Mikazuki Geri – Crescent Kick
Motobu 5 & 6

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

Kata – Seiyunchin
3 techniques from grading kata
Bunkai kumite of Gekisai dai ni
Motobu 7 & 8
Makiwara – Pad Work

2nd Kyu – Brown 1 Tag

Kata – Sanchin dai ni
Kata – Jutte with and without Jo staff
Three techniques from grading katas
Kakie (paired)
Motobu 9 &10

1st Kyu – Brown 2 tags

Kata – Tensho
Kata – Rohai
Rohai floor bunkai
Techniques from grading katas
Turning Crescent and turning side kick
Kick combinations
Motobu 11 & 12

1st Dan Black

Black belt and above please see Sensei.

Be advised that you will be expected to continue your training with New Forest Martial Arts for at least one year following the award of your black belt with the same commitment and standard that you have shown up to the grading. After this time your certificate will be presented and you will be registered if you have continued to uphold a standard sufficient to be considered worthy of the koru obi grade. Without this your Brown belt registration will be left as it was.

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