Tai Chi


Tai Chi is an ancient discipline and martial art that integrates mind, body and spirit.

It’s Therapeutic benefits include general improvements in physical and mental health including stress relief, heart health and high blood pressure, chronic pain and arthritis, insomnia and digestive problems.

Tai Chi also helps improve and maintain balance, flexibility, muscle tone and general mobility of all joints as well as co-ordination and general relaxation and meditation. It also aids recovery after illness and strengthens internal organs. It may also help multiple sclerosis and migraine.

Tai Chi Practioners use deep breathing and meditation as you move through a series of continually flowing exercises (or Forms).

Tai Chi 8 Form is a good starting point for beginning to understand the basics and Yang style Tai Chi, and to benefit and enjoy its therapeutic and relaxing effects. We teach the 8, short and sword forms. It is always best to practice a Form after some warm up and Qi Gong exercises.

New Forest Tai Chi offers classes in Tai Chi  in the Horrill Center, Challenger Way at 9.10am every Monday, 9.00am every Wednesday, 9:30am every Friday at Applemore Scout Hut on the grounds of Applmore College and at Marcella House Thursday’s at 1.30pm.

For further information or if you have any questions please call Sensei Dave Crawford on 07902929400, who is an experienced Instructor and as practised martial arts for over 30 years.

*You should always check with your Doctor or Health Care Professional before undertaking any form exercise regime. This leaflet is produced for guidance and information only and NFMA cannot accept responsibility for injury or damage caused to any person due to any activity undertaken as a result of the information given in this leaflet.

To see a video of the Tai Chi 8 form click here

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To see some information about Tai Chi Click here

To see some information about Tai Chi Click here