Jiu-Jitsu Syllabus
Purple Belt

1st Purple Stripe


Leg grab roll over Sweep

Double Hooking Sweep (Hooks in Guard)

Butterfly Sweep

Standing Open Guard Hook Sweep

Standing Open Guard Reap Sweep


Triangle Choke from Guard

Box Choke from Mount

Basic Cradle from Side

Brabo Choke from Guard or Side

North South Choke

Crucifix Crank from Side / Back

Lower inner Hock throw

Knee wheel

Sitting leg behind to mount

Drawing ankle throw

2nd Purple Stripe

Armbar (From Head to Head)

Crucifix start to Armbar (From side Back Control)

Rolling Arm Bar (From Back Control)

Spin Under Armbar (From Guard)

Baby Arm Bar from Side


Low Ankle Shoot

Double leg

Bearhug (Without Lift)

Go Behind Spin

Fireman’s Carry

Reverse Shoulder throw

Any Hold down with double arm lock

Front scissor throw

Side head chancery escape

Purple Belt


From Rear Naked (Various)

Americana (Hold fingers or grab Elbow)

Omoplata escapes (various)

Kimura Defences (various)

Arm Triangle Escape (Ask a question, thumb in or grab leg)

Triangle Escape (Sit in or bump and knee to back)

Guard Passes:

Switch over ½ Guard Escape (From ½ Guard)

Knee Through Guard Pass (From Closed Guard)

Cross Knee Through Guard Pass (From Closed Guard)

Tricep Pull (From Standing)

Double Leg Guard Pass (Tip to side)

Toreandor Pass

Sweeping loin throw

Guillotine escapes (2)

Full Nelson escape

Dropping body drop (Front and rear)

Garroting escape from rear