Jiu-Jitsu Syllabus
Brown Belt

1st Brown Stripe


Step through Legbar

Rolling Legbar from Referee’s position

Cross Knee through Legbar

Double achilles

Kneebar From Pressure Squat


Basic Footlock

Basic Heel Hook

Cross Ankle Lock

7 Hold Downs

3 more wrist locks

Failed Uchi Mata to Corner throw


Bottom whizzer

Step out (Whizzer but to head)

Floating sweep

Spider sweep

Naihanchi sweep

Corkscrew sweep

Calf chop ribs feet to shoulders sweep

Half guard sweep

Knife defence x 3

Valley drop throw

12 Pressure points

1st White Stripe


Darce From under Side Control

Mini Triangle

Clock from Mount and Guard


Rolling Triangle (From Mount)



Von Flue


Cross over arm bar from failed guard arm bar

Pit stop arm bar

50/50 Arm bar

Far side spin arm bar

Arm crush from guard

Half Guard to Kimura back hammer

V press leg & V press from S mount

Rear throw

Kicks from ground

Winding throw (2)

Rolling ankle throw

Cross Ankle Throw

2nd White Stripe


From Guard

From Spider Guard

From side back control

From head lock control

Counter to Single leg takedown

Transitions to triangle

Transitions to Back

Transitions to Omoplata

One arm throws

3 Counter throws

Half Guard series (9)

30 minutes Rolling / Grappling against fresh opponents every 5/6 mins