Jiu-Jitsu Syllabus
Blue Belt


1st Blue Stripe


3 selected takedowns

Keep Mount – Keep Side – Keep Back

Bridge Roll – Guard Pass – Top Mount Drill

NFMA Clock Drill (6 Juniors 12 Seniors)

Sweeps: 3 selected

Chokes: 3 selected

Strangle Defence (various)

Straight arm locks

Shoulder lock

2nd Blue Stripe

Armbars: 3 selected

Figure 4 Armlocks: 3 selected

Outer Hock ( O’Soto Gari)

Recumbent ankle throw

Head and Arm throw

Shoulder arm lock

3 Wrist locks

Blue Belt

Escapes: 8 escapes from various positions.

Half shoulder throw

Body drop ( Front and Rear )

Crab Claw Scissors