Goju Ryu Syllabus

Goju-Ryu Syllabus

Each grade after 9th Kyu you will be expected to be able to perform the current grading requirements and that of all previous grades.

9th Kyu – Red Belt

Ten stances  ( For pictures of the stances please go back to the last page )
Punches, upper middle lower
Uke – Blocks, upper middle lower
Mai Geri – Front kick
Moving front kick with turn
Moving in sanchin

8th Kyu – Yellow Belt

Kata – Sanchin   To see a video of Sensei doing Sanchin Kata click here
Backward break fall

7th Kyu – Orange Belt

Kata – Gekisai dai ichi
Three techniques from grading kata     To see a video of technique 1 click here 2 click here 3 click here
San dan gi (three step sparring)
Yoko Geri – Side kick

Moving Kake Uke

6th Kyu – Green Belt

Kata – Gekisai dai ni
Three techniques from grading kata    To see a video of technique 1 click here 2 click here 3 click here

Tai sabaki – Body shift
Mawashi Geri – Roundhouse Kick
Motobu 1 & 2
Juji Kumite

5th Kyu – Blue Belt

Self defence techniques from standing and ground.

1: Escape from front strangle x 2
2.: Escape from rear hold x 2
3: Escape from side head chancery x 2
4: Recumbent ankle throw followed by guard recovery and scissor sweep.
Side break fall
Motobu 3 & 4

Moving stances.

4th Kyu – Purple Belt

Kata – Saifa kata
Techniques from grading kata
Bunkai kumite from Gekisai dai ichi
Mikazuki Geri – Crescent Kick
Motobu 5 & 6

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

Kata – Seiyunchin
3 techniques from grading kata
Bunkai kumite of Gekisai dai ni
Motobu 7 & 8
Makiwara – Pad Work

2nd Kyu – Brown 1 Tag

Kata – Sanchin dai ni
Kata – Jutte with and without Jo staff
Three techniques from grading katas
Kakie (paired)
Motobu 9 &10

1st Kyu – Brown 2 tags

Kata – Tensho
Kata – Rohai
Rohai floor bunkai
Techniques from grading katas
Turning Crescent and turning side kick
Kick combinations
Motobu 11 & 12

1st Dan Black

Black belt and above please see Sensei.