Dojo etiquette


On entering the Dojo (training hall) for the first time we ask you to adhere to a few basic rules as etiquette and safety are important aspects of your karate training:

  • Always address Sensei and Sempai by their titles, denoting respect and loyalty for your instructors and the discipline of Karate.

  • Always bow into the dojo on entering and leaving the dojo.

  • If entering the dojo during a lesson wait in at the entrance in Seiza until Sensei gives you permission to enter, then you may bow and come in.

  • You must not leave the dojo during class without permission from sensei.

  • Always train in bare feet unless a medical condition dictates otherwise.

  • Hands and feet to be kept clean including fingernails and toenails.

  • Never talk over your instructor’s tuition and stand in formal stance during instruction.

  • Do not lean on walls or sit down during a class unless told to do so.

  • Do not eat, drink or chew anything in the Dojo. If you wish to have a drink then you must ask permission to leave the Dojo.

  • All jewellery, watches, wrist bands are to be removed or covered whilst training to minimise the risk of injury.

  • No T-shirts to be worn under the gi (white suit) except by girls and women who may wear a plain white T-shirt. During extremely cold weather boys may wear a plain white vest.

  • All other students should be treated with respect and consideration.

  • The karate Gi should be clean and ironed at every training session and should have the club logo.

  • Bad language is not permitted in the Dojo.

  • All equipment to be treated with respect.

  • Always do your best!